Buy + Use: “city chic” garden-esque

Here are some products I’ve come across that suit the chic city gardener. If gardens and the outdoors inspire you and your flock, you’ll want to know about (details on the click through) :

Cork and succulent magnets- this is genius!

Lavender body butter from Queek Creek Olive Mill here in AZ, LOVE the feel of this stuff, I've even put it in my hair!

Anywhere fireplace! In small spaces, this is great! Indoors or out.

Lavender brownies! Sounds weird, but its awesome!


Use: ….Your Bike– to Commute

It may be the wrong time of year in Phoenix to begin thinking about this, but next month is “Phoenix Bike Month,” and new bike lanes are being proposed. Let’s talk about commuting by bike! If you live ten miles or less from your office, it might be worth taking a closer look at commuting this way a few times a week. If you live farther, but work or live near the light rail- commuting by bike may still be for you….

First, some inspiration:













Next onto the basics:

City Biking 101″ from GOOD

Cleaning up once at the office and the “Slacker’s Guide” from Commute by Bike

Choosing a bike by REI

What you need by Rodale

I can’t say I’ll begin commuting immediately as it’s about to get very warm here in the desert. BUT There are so many good reasons to do it! In the mean time, maybe I’ll bike during lunch or to a park…for lunch! Lucky for me our office has indoor bike storage!

Looking for something “better than average”? Try accessories from:


Sunday Cycles Bike Shop, Phoenix

adeline adeline


Buy: Art by Sarah Sense

Sarah found a match by Frank Buffalo Hyde (right) for her piece (left), photo by Nanibaa Beck

Sarah Sense is an amazing artist who just finished a large project called Weaving the Americas (and a book about the project) and was at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum a few weeks ago for the annual Indian Market.

"Weaving the Americas Salar" available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

On Sunday afternoon, Sarah was relaxing in the gallery after a long weekend and it was great to chat with her. I’d promoted her work and even owned a piece, but only met her briefly once over a year ago when she was in town for an event I programmed.

"Cowgirl Evolution," available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Sarah’s work is amazing and her “star” is certainly rising. Her work combines photography with tradition Chitimacha basket weaving. She was inspired to continue the tradition from her ancestry and asked the chairman of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana for permission to weave our basket patterns using non-traditional material. He gave her his blessing and she began weaving reservation landscapes.

The images evolved and she incorporated Hollywood posters, familial archives, and photos of her in her personas of “The Cowgirl” and “The Indian Princess.”

Most of her recent work are photos woven over photo silkscreen prints and contain images from around the world, perfect for the urban home!

Not looking to hang something up? I believe you can still buy her book, detailing her amazing journey with Weaving the Americas, at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Buy: Heath ceramics

Letting you in on another secret, Heath Ceramics.

 Started in 1947 by Edith Heath, many years later, they still use the same process and source…. brown clay (mined in Ione, CA, outside of Sacramento) from the same claybed that Edith chose in 1947. They still make every piece in the original Sausalito, California factory. These works (tiles, glasses, plates and more) are made “beautifully and thoughtfully.” Best of all, many of the plates (like the rim line, designed in the 60s, left) are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Perfection for the urban home. We have the rim line and I expect them to last a lifetime. We use them everyday, wash them in the dishwasher, and after 4 years, they look new!
Here are a few lust worthy, straightforward designed products.

I love this serving tray, think it would go nicely in a “zen” guest bathroom.

House tile, by Eames
Sigh, the best bathroom tile.

Putting the Naughty in Nautical

Last night at Phoenix Art Museum I attended a gallery talk with Dennita Sewell, the curator of the new exhibit The Sea. But before the lecture, my “flock” and I had a glass and wine (all Arizona local) and a bite at Palette.

Jaclyn had the sliders with sweet potato salad.

We headed into the talk and it was packed! Here’s a bit of the scene.

Dennita explained how the exhibit was put together areas for: seaside play, working at sea and celebration of underwater life. Ninety percent of the exhibit was drawn from the permanent collection, which is very impressive. One item in particular was very fun, a terry-cloth Chanel jacket…..because wool just wouldn’t suit. It was a commissioned piece- how luxurious. The exhibit featured many vintage magazine covers as well as current covers and Dennita did an excellent job of connecting the dots. Once particular piece was red, and sheer and a bit risqué. Dennita said it put the “Naughty” in Nautical…. but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

The Haute Sea in Phoenix This Wednesday

Great art is part of any great urban environment. Phoenix has many great artistic organizations and museums but it’s natural to look to Phoenix Art Museum for inspiration.

This Wednesday, Dennita Sewell, Curator of Fashion Design at Phoenix Art Museum will speak about The Sea, an exhibit based on the sea’s influence on fashion. Sort of ironic here in a desert city. The exhibit, which opened March 3, promises a variety of designed from “cumbersome wool costumes of the 1900s and the sleek modern interpretations of Coco Chanel’s glamorous days on the Riviera, to contemporary couture as recent as Spring 2012 by designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.”

If you’d like to learn more, Ms. Sewell will give a  free talk, Tales from the Haute Sea, this Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm. Museum admission is free this evening and you’ll find delightful, locally produced food and wine for sale in the museum Café, Palette.


In the past year or so, I’ve discovered Urban Yoga. Although I’ve mastered headstand, handstand and crow pose….. I’m not this good:

Urban Yoga at One Lexington in midtown Phoenix is great. I love the 6:30 a.m. sunrise class and the bathrooms/showers make it easy to jet to work afterwards…or stop by Lux like I do.


Check out some pic and then I highly suggest you come to some classes. I like that they have many classes outside of work hours- some studios cater to the mommy crowd and that doesn’t jive with me. The studio is clean and the classes aren’t super crowded! Urban Yoga is highly recommended.

Urban Wood Goods

Urban Wood Goods is one of my favorite Etsy shops, that I’m sharing at the risk that one of you will “scoop” me out of many future purchases. The shop features pretty affordable- industrial, yet modern- reclaimed wood tables, desks, and even picnic tables!  Be sure to check them out on etsy.