Use: ….Your Bike– to Commute

It may be the wrong time of year in Phoenix to begin thinking about this, but next month is “Phoenix Bike Month,” and new bike lanes are being proposed. Let’s talk about commuting by bike! If you live ten miles or less from your office, it might be worth taking a closer look at commuting this way a few times a week. If you live farther, but work or live near the light rail- commuting by bike may still be for you….

First, some inspiration:













Next onto the basics:

City Biking 101″ from GOOD

Cleaning up once at the office and the “Slacker’s Guide” from Commute by Bike

Choosing a bike by REI

What you need by Rodale

I can’t say I’ll begin commuting immediately as it’s about to get very warm here in the desert. BUT There are so many good reasons to do it! In the mean time, maybe I’ll bike during lunch or to a park…for lunch! Lucky for me our office has indoor bike storage!

Looking for something “better than average”? Try accessories from:


Sunday Cycles Bike Shop, Phoenix

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