Buy: Summer Must-Haves for the Kitchen

I’m the daughter of a chef and food scientist. I live in Phoenix and am cooking/baking my way through summer. Here are some of my top tools for the summer kitchen! Enjoy!

Tovolo large ice cube mold. $5.99, on sale! at Sur La Table

 I’m trying to be healthy, but this ice-cream maker is on sale! $69.95 from Williams-Sonoma (marked down from $130, has extra bowl AND gives you a form for a free $20 WS gift card!)

 Goo Gone All Natural BBQ Grill Cleaner (enough said) from Amazon or local retailers, $5

 Garlic peeler (it works!) $5.99 on sale! at Sur la Table

 Zucchini Bread Recipe from Cooking Light. (I substitute one egg white for “egg substitute” and coconut oil for “canola oil”)


Buy: Awesome Things From Wings Hawai’i

The flock took a trip, a vacation actually- to Maui. Now before we returned to Maui I wanted to make a shopping list of place with in walking distance of Paia Inn. Wings Hawai’i is not only the best place to shop with in walking distance in Paia, it is my new favorite place to shop in Hawai’i. AND the best part is, you can shop online! See my picks below!

Sea Glass Ring: $150

Underwater Coral Earrings: $150


Coral Dress: $150 (I own it-its very forgiving, but I did take a large.)


Bag: $9


Tank: $28


Pants: $58


It’s in the Bag!

Everyone dwells on great bags for females, but what about the urban man? What should he carry? A traditional briefcase is obvious, a backpack? Too juvenile. Here are some option that are stylish, relatively affordable and should last!


Which Way to the Gym Duffel by Lululemon -$118


 T-Tech by Tumi– $165

Strictly Office

Jack Spade Boarskin and Nylon Split Case– $550

A Little Different

Steve Monno Dennis Briefcase– $485                                                                                                

  Marc Jacobs Striped Bag– $268


Read + Buy: Kinfolk Magazine

Sometimes you pass by something, and you just know you’ll love it? That’s Kinfolk. I haven’t shelled out the funds for a subscription yet, but in the mean time I’ll grab the one in the office. It is a bonus of working with creative types. This straight forward capture of simple gatherings is refreshing…..carry on.

Carefree Coops?


When it was time to expand our coop to fit our expanding flock, I have to admit….we shopped around. We looked at converting large kennels, buying a shed to outfit, or simply adding on to our current coop and run. In the end, we opted to simply build another, larger coop to correct mistakes or things we didn’t like about our first coop. In short, we now have a chicken palace. It is about 2 weeks old and the littlest girls are enjoying it until both sets of birds can eat the same food….then everyone gets to enjoy the palace.
But then recently, two things piqued my interest.

First, the  utterly ridiculous $1300 chicken coop and run by Williams Sonoma. As nice as it is to look at, you wouldn’t be able to stand up in the run, which is a must for me. Also, this little gem pictured. As much as I applaud this eco friendly effort, it just doesn’t look big enough. Maybe if chickens are completely free range it works, but at night they can’t just have an open door to let predators in. And, here in Arizona, I would be concerned about heat and wind. Although this coop originated in England, so plastic seems very practical when humidity and rain is involved. Any other crazy or super original coops out there? With the Phoenix tour de coops seven months away… I still could use some clever ideas to add to our collection of coops and chicken accessories.

Buy + Use: Seriously pretty garden tools

Fisher Blacksmithing Beautifully Crafted Garden Tools

These handmade, forged tools with wooden handles are wonderful to have out and about in your home or shed, even if you don’t garden…..AND if you’re a serious gardener, these are the serious tools you need. Of course, they are pretty and gritty approved! For a few more days, the set is on sale on or purchase individual tools here.
The flock is really lusting after these wonderful items!

Buy + Use: “city chic” garden-esque

Here are some products I’ve come across that suit the chic city gardener. If gardens and the outdoors inspire you and your flock, you’ll want to know about (details on the click through) :

Cork and succulent magnets- this is genius!

Lavender body butter from Queek Creek Olive Mill here in AZ, LOVE the feel of this stuff, I've even put it in my hair!

Anywhere fireplace! In small spaces, this is great! Indoors or out.

Lavender brownies! Sounds weird, but its awesome!

Buy: Art by Sarah Sense

Sarah found a match by Frank Buffalo Hyde (right) for her piece (left), photo by Nanibaa Beck

Sarah Sense is an amazing artist who just finished a large project called Weaving the Americas (and a book about the project) and was at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum a few weeks ago for the annual Indian Market.

"Weaving the Americas Salar" available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

On Sunday afternoon, Sarah was relaxing in the gallery after a long weekend and it was great to chat with her. I’d promoted her work and even owned a piece, but only met her briefly once over a year ago when she was in town for an event I programmed.

"Cowgirl Evolution," available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Sarah’s work is amazing and her “star” is certainly rising. Her work combines photography with tradition Chitimacha basket weaving. She was inspired to continue the tradition from her ancestry and asked the chairman of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana for permission to weave our basket patterns using non-traditional material. He gave her his blessing and she began weaving reservation landscapes.

The images evolved and she incorporated Hollywood posters, familial archives, and photos of her in her personas of “The Cowgirl” and “The Indian Princess.”

Most of her recent work are photos woven over photo silkscreen prints and contain images from around the world, perfect for the urban home!

Not looking to hang something up? I believe you can still buy her book, detailing her amazing journey with Weaving the Americas, at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Buy: Heath ceramics

Letting you in on another secret, Heath Ceramics.

 Started in 1947 by Edith Heath, many years later, they still use the same process and source…. brown clay (mined in Ione, CA, outside of Sacramento) from the same claybed that Edith chose in 1947. They still make every piece in the original Sausalito, California factory. These works (tiles, glasses, plates and more) are made “beautifully and thoughtfully.” Best of all, many of the plates (like the rim line, designed in the 60s, left) are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Perfection for the urban home. We have the rim line and I expect them to last a lifetime. We use them everyday, wash them in the dishwasher, and after 4 years, they look new!
Here are a few lust worthy, straightforward designed products.

I love this serving tray, think it would go nicely in a “zen” guest bathroom.

House tile, by Eames
Sigh, the best bathroom tile.