See: “And the Land Grew Quiet” at the Phoenix Art Museum


Time is running out to see “And the Land Grew Quiet: New Work by Matthew Moore,” which closes June 10! This short-term site specific installation combines two of my favorite things, art and farming. While I don’t consider my urban flock, garden and fruit tree to be a “farm,” I come from a long line of former farmers and have a deep respect for farming. Back to the artist. Matt Moore grew up in Arizona and is the last of four generation to farm here. (Don’t worry- he’s got an excellent career path in film-making, art-making and owner of Combine here in Phoenix. He is also a father and husband.)

Sad as the farming situation is, Matt is making the best of the situation with his latest work. I could go on about the themes of food, suburbanization, the economy etc that this exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum touches on……or you could go and see it yourself or Google the few reviews that have been done on the show. Either way, it is bound to make you think and experience the space at the museum in a new way. There’s a catalog for the show coming soon and that will contain essays from both the artists and the curator. The show has been in the works since 2009, so its worth spending some time to see it! Matt’s work can also be purchase at Lisa Sette Gallery!



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