Interview and Field Trip with Juice Core!

I took a field trip. Only this trip was WAY more fun than field in grade school. Upon walking into the kitchen of Juice Core, I was confronted by a flurry of freshness in the form of fruits and vegetables. The smell of ginger, grapefruit and perhaps even mint filled the air and made me sort of……high! Not surprising since this locally owned startup creates fresh, organic juices that nourish the body and soul.

I’ve been a fan since I discovered them at the Phoenix Public Market/Farmer’s market and my love of juicing even made me purchase my own slow press juicer for home. They frequently sell out of their product and were a welcome addition to the many awesome vendors at the market.  One of the owners, Kelly Watkins let me stop in on a Friday evening when they are juicing to fulfill pre orders and day of sales for weekend farmers markets. We chatted a lot about our mutually aligning thoughts concerning food and the change regarding food and nutrition happening in America. I got to watch Kelly and  her daughter Taylor prepare produce and make juice. Boy, was I impressed. I also did a short interview with Kelly, which spotlights on this new business, its owners and why you need some juice! “In action” pictures via the slide-show that follows the interview below!

What is Juice Core?

We are a company made up of 2 mothers and 2 daughters that are beyond passionate about fresh organic juice.  We make home deliveries of 100% raw organic cold pressed juices and cleanses to your home (think milk man…but way cooler). We make amazing fruit and veggie artisan blends with the highest intention and love. (borderline compulsive)

Who is behind Juice Core?

Kelly Watkins (owner/Taylor’s mom)-Kelly was a passionate Oncology/Hospice RN for 16 years who walked away from medicine after seeing countless patients heal their bodies through juice and conscious living. She now practices Energy medicine (polarity/cranial), massage therapy and is JuiceCore’s Head Juice Artist. She’s CRAZY about the juice and even crazier about juicy living.

Patty Flanigan (owner/Katie’s mom) Patty has spent many years as a dynamic businesswoman, but has found a tranquil space in practicing yoga, juicing and living a “wakeful life.” She is passionate about producing a high quality, healthy juice and is positively joyful at having an integrity-based product that is changing peoples lives and renewing their bodies and health.

Taylor Renteria (owner) Taylor came into Juice Core naturally. She is whole and healthy foods fanatic and celebrates the results of choosing to live a “high vibration” life style. Taylor loves being a part of the shift in consciousness taking place on the planet and in our country. We consider her a front line warrior to the cause.

Katie Flanigan (owner) Katie has always gravitated towards living a life of vibrant health. She is a Yoga instructor, model and juice lunatic. Balance is at the forefront of her life, while love and gratitude are the key staples to having the real experience of being.

What’s a typical day like at Juice Core?

We arrive early to set an intention for the day. It’s a day full of gratitude and appreciation mixed with a gushing amount of love and serious hard-core physical labor. We diligently wash and prepare the produce, juice juice juice, and package and prepare the orders. Clean up usually takes an hour and half and is insane. (Imagine home juicer clean up, times a hundred)

What do customers like best about your product?

The first thing they love,  is of course, the taste and the complex layers of the flavors. The next thing we hear is “WHOA…what’s going on. I feel dramatically different.” Then next, of course, they love the home delivery aspect and the text support. (we offer new cleansers steady text support through their cleansing process with detox tips as well as side line cheering)

You’re a new company, what’s been the most surprising/funny/unexpected thing(s) to happen so far?

We have had many things! I think it’s pretty funny that the very first purchase we made for the business was for a 1960’s vintage trailer in dire need of a restoration. We had the fantasy of it being our mobile event-juicing baby.  That was a year ago and we still have it (and are still awaiting a restoration).

Why do you do what you do?

We are here to create an integrity based healing juice.  We are meticulous about our produce selection (always 100% organic) as well as making juices with balanced healing properties. We honor the natural cycles of our planet and create our menu accordingly. It’s our intention to support people in their self-healing by helping them return to a whole foods, healthy clean way of nourishing their bodies.

You deliver? Tell us more!

We deliver all cleanses and weekly juice packages (minimum of 4 juices) to the greater Phoenix Metro area. Customers also have the choice to pick up their order at the weekly Scottsdale or Downtown Phoenix Farmers markets.

Any plans to expand?

Yes! We are in the process of opening our first storefront in Scottsdale with plans to open smaller grab n’ go stores in Downtown and the East Valley.

If you had to pick a favorite product, what is it?

Hands down our favorite juice is Mother Earth, our signature blend. It has nearly 7 pounds of produce per pint bottle (kale, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, fennel, green apple, ginger and lemon). It is a powerful detoxifier, alkalizer and sends your energy through the roof! (we call it super hero liquid) We also LOVE our little 4 oz Soul Shots superfood elixirs that utilize the potency of flower essences by Lotus Wei! So delicious!

Tell us something we don’t know about you, your company or the universe at large.

We are 4 inseparable women who love each other deeply. We are here to hold space for each customer,  no matter where they are in their journey of health. (Raw foods extraordinaire to cheeto, Twinkie eaters) We strongly believe you are the food you put in your body and that it’s your birth-right to live a vibrant, healthy happy life.

Finally: Name, hometown and current city!

Kelly Watkins- Alamogordo, New Mexico. Currently Downtown Phoenix

Patty Flanigan- Spokane, Washington. Currently Scottsdale, Arizona

Taylor Renteria- Alamogordo, New Mexico. Currently Downtown Phoenix

Katie Flanigan- Phoenix, Arizona. Currently Phoenix, Arizona

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1 thought on “Interview and Field Trip with Juice Core!

  1. Finally an amazing product available to those of us uninterested in vapid homogenized corporate drinks. The juices are powerful health elixirs. Good luck ladies—an idea whose time has come!

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