What the Flock Follows…..

Here are some blogs you should be following (preferably though BlogLovin’)

100 Days of Real Food
Read: Because you want to feel/look better 

Boho Farm and Home
Read: Even though you’re not into “BoHo” but live in Phoenix or love urban farming

Lululemon Addict
Read: Because you want to know the real deal before you spend $70+ on some great workout gear.

Beyond Buckskin
Read: To learn from a Ph.D. more about why it’s not cool for non-native fashion models to wear a headdress and to buy some cool jewelry made by contemporary Native artists.

Studded Hearts
Read: Because everyone should be this beautiful


The Haute Sea in Phoenix This Wednesday

Great art is part of any great urban environment. Phoenix has many great artistic organizations and museums but it’s natural to look to Phoenix Art Museum for inspiration.

This Wednesday, Dennita Sewell, Curator of Fashion Design at Phoenix Art Museum will speak about The Sea, an exhibit based on the sea’s influence on fashion. Sort of ironic here in a desert city. The exhibit, which opened March 3, promises a variety of designed from “cumbersome wool costumes of the 1900s and the sleek modern interpretations of Coco Chanel’s glamorous days on the Riviera, to contemporary couture as recent as Spring 2012 by designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.”

If you’d like to learn more, Ms. Sewell will give a  free talk, Tales from the Haute Sea, this Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm. Museum admission is free this evening and you’ll find delightful, locally produced food and wine for sale in the museum Café, Palette.