Buy: Summer Must-Haves for the Kitchen

I’m the daughter of a chef and food scientist. I live in Phoenix and am cooking/baking my way through summer. Here are some of my top tools for the summer kitchen! Enjoy!

Tovolo large ice cube mold. $5.99, on sale! at Sur La Table

 I’m trying to be healthy, but this ice-cream maker is on sale! $69.95 from Williams-Sonoma (marked down from $130, has extra bowl AND gives you a form for a free $20 WS gift card!)

 Goo Gone All Natural BBQ Grill Cleaner (enough said) from Amazon or local retailers, $5

 Garlic peeler (it works!) $5.99 on sale! at Sur la Table

 Zucchini Bread Recipe from Cooking Light. (I substitute one egg white for “egg substitute” and coconut oil for “canola oil”)


Buy: Heath ceramics

Letting you in on another secret, Heath Ceramics.

 Started in 1947 by Edith Heath, many years later, they still use the same process and source…. brown clay (mined in Ione, CA, outside of Sacramento) from the same claybed that Edith chose in 1947. They still make every piece in the original Sausalito, California factory. These works (tiles, glasses, plates and more) are made “beautifully and thoughtfully.” Best of all, many of the plates (like the rim line, designed in the 60s, left) are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Perfection for the urban home. We have the rim line and I expect them to last a lifetime. We use them everyday, wash them in the dishwasher, and after 4 years, they look new!
Here are a few lust worthy, straightforward designed products.

I love this serving tray, think it would go nicely in a “zen” guest bathroom.

House tile, by Eames
Sigh, the best bathroom tile. is just Fab

These are just some of the products purchased from has short term sales (2-3 days) that curate awesomely designed products– at a discount. Everything from home items and clothing to pet products, jewelry, personal products and food. Check it out yourself– you need an invite to join, this link is your invite!

This Weekend! Horticulture for the Urban Home

This weekend is the bi-annual plant sale at the Desert Botanical Garden here in Phoenix! Your city’s Botanical Garden is a great place to pick up plants for the home that have a better start than those you might find at a chain like Home Depot.

My favorite plants for the urban home are succulents. Low maintenance, dramatic, hard to kill and strong lined design– these babies are perfect on a balcony or in a pot in the kitchen.

Pick some plants up this weekend or at the sale the first weekend in April!

This book by Debra Lee Baldwin  great inspiration for small space or grand patios.

More Info: this weekend at the DBG, plant sale and in April, the succulent sale