What the Flock Follows…..

Here are some blogs you should be following (preferably though BlogLovin’)

100 Days of Real Food
Read: Because you want to feel/look better 

Boho Farm and Home
Read: Even though you’re not into “BoHo” but live in Phoenix or love urban farming

Lululemon Addict
Read: Because you want to know the real deal before you spend $70+ on some great workout gear.

Beyond Buckskin
Read: To learn from a Ph.D. more about why it’s not cool for non-native fashion models to wear a headdress and to buy some cool jewelry made by contemporary Native artists.

Studded Hearts
Read: Because everyone should be this beautiful


Buy: Summer Must-Haves for the Kitchen

I’m the daughter of a chef and food scientist. I live in Phoenix and am cooking/baking my way through summer. Here are some of my top tools for the summer kitchen! Enjoy!

Tovolo large ice cube mold. $5.99, on sale! at Sur La Table

 I’m trying to be healthy, but this ice-cream maker is on sale! $69.95 from Williams-Sonoma (marked down from $130, has extra bowl AND gives you a form for a free $20 WS gift card!)

 Goo Gone All Natural BBQ Grill Cleaner (enough said) from Amazon or local retailers, $5

 Garlic peeler (it works!) $5.99 on sale! at Sur la Table

 Zucchini Bread Recipe from Cooking Light. (I substitute one egg white for “egg substitute” and coconut oil for “canola oil”)

Buy: Awesome Things From Wings Hawai’i

The flock took a trip, a vacation actually- to Maui. Now before we returned to Maui I wanted to make a shopping list of place with in walking distance of Paia Inn. Wings Hawai’i is not only the best place to shop with in walking distance in Paia, it is my new favorite place to shop in Hawai’i. AND the best part is, you can shop online! See my picks below!

Sea Glass Ring: $150

Underwater Coral Earrings: $150


Coral Dress: $150 (I own it-its very forgiving, but I did take a large.)


Bag: $9


Tank: $28


Pants: $58