Buy: Art by Sarah Sense

Sarah found a match by Frank Buffalo Hyde (right) for her piece (left), photo by Nanibaa Beck

Sarah Sense is an amazing artist who just finished a large project called Weaving the Americas (and a book about the project) and was at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum a few weeks ago for the annual Indian Market.

"Weaving the Americas Salar" available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

On Sunday afternoon, Sarah was relaxing in the gallery after a long weekend and it was great to chat with her. I’d promoted her work and even owned a piece, but only met her briefly once over a year ago when she was in town for an event I programmed.

"Cowgirl Evolution," available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Sarah’s work is amazing and her “star” is certainly rising. Her work combines photography with tradition Chitimacha basket weaving. She was inspired to continue the tradition from her ancestry and asked the chairman of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana for permission to weave our basket patterns using non-traditional material. He gave her his blessing and she began weaving reservation landscapes.

The images evolved and she incorporated Hollywood posters, familial archives, and photos of her in her personas of “The Cowgirl” and “The Indian Princess.”

Most of her recent work are photos woven over photo silkscreen prints and contain images from around the world, perfect for the urban home!

Not looking to hang something up? I believe you can still buy her book, detailing her amazing journey with Weaving the Americas, at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.


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