Its been a very busy time around the flock and while we’ve been good about posting things to facebook we haven’t been as good about updating the blog. This post is brief as we’re getting ready for the annual Phoenix Tour de Coops. yep. Coops. 30 of ’em! Our girls are excited and we are tired. So, stay tuned for an update.


See: “And the Land Grew Quiet” at the Phoenix Art Museum


Time is running out to see “And the Land Grew Quiet: New Work by Matthew Moore,” which closes June 10! This short-term site specific installation combines two of my favorite things, art and farming. While I don’t consider my urban flock, garden and fruit tree to be a “farm,” I come from a long line of former farmers and have a deep respect for farming. Back to the artist. Matt Moore grew up in Arizona and is the last of four generation to farm here. (Don’t worry- he’s got an excellent career path in film-making, art-making and owner of Combine here in Phoenix. He is also a father and husband.)

Sad as the farming situation is, Matt is making the best of the situation with his latest work. I could go on about the themes of food, suburbanization, the economy etc that this exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum touches on……or you could go and see it yourself or Google the few reviews that have been done on the show. Either way, it is bound to make you think and experience the space at the museum in a new way. There’s a catalog for the show coming soon and that will contain essays from both the artists and the curator. The show has been in the works since 2009, so its worth spending some time to see it! Matt’s work can also be purchase at Lisa Sette Gallery!


See: Lupe and Ting Ting

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we’ve been busy in the garden and attending to our 10 week old chicks, Lupe and Ting Ting. Lupe is a bantam silkie and Ting Ting is an Ameraucana. They currently are in residence in the new coop AKA, the chicken palace. The “big girls,” Miranda and Mae are in the older coop until all four girls are on the same food. Anyhow, I have photos that chronicle the past few months of the girl’s growth so I thought I would share! (in no particular order)

Read + Buy: Kinfolk Magazine

Sometimes you pass by something, and you just know you’ll love it? That’s Kinfolk. I haven’t shelled out the funds for a subscription yet, but in the mean time I’ll grab the one in the office. It is a bonus of working with creative types. This straight forward capture of simple gatherings is refreshing…..carry on.

See: “Food Patriots”

Little did I know, that two of my favorite things could be combined into subjects of films by one filmmaker, Jeff Spitz. He is the co-founder of Groundswell Films, which makes cross cultural documentary films and public engagement campaigns that “promote human rights through the stories of under-represented communities.” He directed The Return of Navajo Boy, which I was familiar with due to my extensive involvement in the Native community. Then, I heard/read in the Sun Times that he made a film that involved chickens…..and that he has two pet chickens. I had to know more.

Food Patriots chronicles the Spitz family and their life with chickens. I know I can really relate to his sentiment, “I never anticipated growing food or raising chickens.”

Food Patriots mission is simple: tell a story about food and how it contributes to a better, healthier life. A life in a less polluted environment where Americans know about what they buy, eat and “educate the next generation about food.”

The film’s website is a bit vague about when the film will be screened (not completely sure its actually complete just yet) but I know I’ll be sure to see it at some point. (This link is also useful!)

You can follow the family’s journey for “permission” to keep chickens etc, on the film’s twitter site @FoodPatriots.

See + Do in Phx: Yoga Rave April 13

After missing the yoga rave held last year in Phoenix, I have held my calendar for this Friday evening for a yoga rave. Yes, a yoga rave. Glow sticks, body paint, a DJ, great outdoor weather and yoga combine into one FREE event downtown. Only urban living provides opportunities like this, friends. The event is organized by Lululemon’s Biltmore store, for more information visit their facebook event page. There’s a rumor that some food trucks will be there at 8:30pm for post yoga grub! Be there and/or look for yoga raves and outdoor yoga in other cities! Especially for those of you getting ready to enjoy tolerable summer weather.

Buy: Art by Sarah Sense

Sarah found a match by Frank Buffalo Hyde (right) for her piece (left), photo by Nanibaa Beck

Sarah Sense is an amazing artist who just finished a large project called Weaving the Americas (and a book about the project) and was at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum a few weeks ago for the annual Indian Market.

"Weaving the Americas Salar" available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

On Sunday afternoon, Sarah was relaxing in the gallery after a long weekend and it was great to chat with her. I’d promoted her work and even owned a piece, but only met her briefly once over a year ago when she was in town for an event I programmed.

"Cowgirl Evolution," available for purchase at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Sarah’s work is amazing and her “star” is certainly rising. Her work combines photography with tradition Chitimacha basket weaving. She was inspired to continue the tradition from her ancestry and asked the chairman of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana for permission to weave our basket patterns using non-traditional material. He gave her his blessing and she began weaving reservation landscapes.

The images evolved and she incorporated Hollywood posters, familial archives, and photos of her in her personas of “The Cowgirl” and “The Indian Princess.”

Most of her recent work are photos woven over photo silkscreen prints and contain images from around the world, perfect for the urban home!

Not looking to hang something up? I believe you can still buy her book, detailing her amazing journey with Weaving the Americas, at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

Putting the Naughty in Nautical

Last night at Phoenix Art Museum I attended a gallery talk with Dennita Sewell, the curator of the new exhibit The Sea. But before the lecture, my “flock” and I had a glass and wine (all Arizona local) and a bite at Palette.

Jaclyn had the sliders with sweet potato salad.

We headed into the talk and it was packed! Here’s a bit of the scene.

Dennita explained how the exhibit was put together areas for: seaside play, working at sea and celebration of underwater life. Ninety percent of the exhibit was drawn from the permanent collection, which is very impressive. One item in particular was very fun, a terry-cloth Chanel jacket…..because wool just wouldn’t suit. It was a commissioned piece- how luxurious. The exhibit featured many vintage magazine covers as well as current covers and Dennita did an excellent job of connecting the dots. Once particular piece was red, and sheer and a bit risqué. Dennita said it put the “Naughty” in Nautical…. but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

Urban Wood Goods

Urban Wood Goods is one of my favorite Etsy shops, that I’m sharing at the risk that one of you will “scoop” me out of many future purchases. The shop features pretty affordable- industrial, yet modern- reclaimed wood tables, desks, and even picnic tables!  Be sure to check them out on etsy.