the neighbors got a turkey

We returned from a recent trip to discover that the neighbors (who like us, have some chickens) got a turkey. Now, you might ask how I know this since the fencing and vegetation between our properties obstructs most views. We heard it. gobblegobblegobblegobble

S/he looks like this.



We have not asked about the turkey, as well we don’t talk to them too much–and as my mother mentioned “you started this.” Really though? did we? We got 2 chickens, and they got 6 big ones. We got two more small chickens, they got a turkey.

So what you’re saying is, I can get more birds?



It’s in the Bag!

Everyone dwells on great bags for females, but what about the urban man? What should he carry? A traditional briefcase is obvious, a backpack? Too juvenile. Here are some option that are stylish, relatively affordable and should last!


Which Way to the Gym Duffel by Lululemon -$118


 T-Tech by Tumi– $165

Strictly Office

Jack Spade Boarskin and Nylon Split Case– $550

A Little Different

Steve Monno Dennis Briefcase– $485                                                                                                

  Marc Jacobs Striped Bag– $268


Read + Buy: Kinfolk Magazine

Sometimes you pass by something, and you just know you’ll love it? That’s Kinfolk. I haven’t shelled out the funds for a subscription yet, but in the mean time I’ll grab the one in the office. It is a bonus of working with creative types. This straight forward capture of simple gatherings is refreshing…..carry on.

Carefree Coops?


When it was time to expand our coop to fit our expanding flock, I have to admit….we shopped around. We looked at converting large kennels, buying a shed to outfit, or simply adding on to our current coop and run. In the end, we opted to simply build another, larger coop to correct mistakes or things we didn’t like about our first coop. In short, we now have a chicken palace. It is about 2 weeks old and the littlest girls are enjoying it until both sets of birds can eat the same food….then everyone gets to enjoy the palace.
But then recently, two things piqued my interest.

First, the  utterly ridiculous $1300 chicken coop and run by Williams Sonoma. As nice as it is to look at, you wouldn’t be able to stand up in the run, which is a must for me. Also, this little gem pictured. As much as I applaud this eco friendly effort, it just doesn’t look big enough. Maybe if chickens are completely free range it works, but at night they can’t just have an open door to let predators in. And, here in Arizona, I would be concerned about heat and wind. Although this coop originated in England, so plastic seems very practical when humidity and rain is involved. Any other crazy or super original coops out there? With the Phoenix tour de coops seven months away… I still could use some clever ideas to add to our collection of coops and chicken accessories.

Beautiful Metal Hardware

Love unique jewelry but desire something made of real metals? Something to withstand the banging around from day to day? Then you need contemporary jewelry by Taos artist Maria Samora.

Wear to work: check
Wear to play: check
Wear on the town: check
Real silver, gold and diamonds? check
Her unique stylings will be all anyone can talk about when they see her work. Not only is she immensely visionary- this lady can execute- and she’s an all around lovely person. Once you own something by Maria- you’re hooked. She also does items for men and unisex items. This girl has about 6 items. What’s not to love? I’ll take one of everything. is just Fab

These are just some of the products purchased from has short term sales (2-3 days) that curate awesomely designed products– at a discount. Everything from home items and clothing to pet products, jewelry, personal products and food. Check it out yourself– you need an invite to join, this link is your invite!

This Weekend! Horticulture for the Urban Home

This weekend is the bi-annual plant sale at the Desert Botanical Garden here in Phoenix! Your city’s Botanical Garden is a great place to pick up plants for the home that have a better start than those you might find at a chain like Home Depot.

My favorite plants for the urban home are succulents. Low maintenance, dramatic, hard to kill and strong lined design– these babies are perfect on a balcony or in a pot in the kitchen.

Pick some plants up this weekend or at the sale the first weekend in April!

This book by Debra Lee Baldwin  great inspiration for small space or grand patios.

More Info: this weekend at the DBG, plant sale and in April, the succulent sale 

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