See: “Food Patriots”

Little did I know, that two of my favorite things could be combined into subjects of films by one filmmaker, Jeff Spitz. He is the co-founder of Groundswell Films, which makes cross cultural documentary films and public engagement campaigns that “promote human rights through the stories of under-represented communities.” He directed The Return of Navajo Boy, which I was familiar with due to my extensive involvement in the Native community. Then, I heard/read in the Sun Times that he made a film that involved chickens…..and that he has two pet chickens. I had to know more.

Food Patriots chronicles the Spitz family and their life with chickens. I know I can really relate to his sentiment, “I never anticipated growing food or raising chickens.”

Food Patriots mission is simple: tell a story about food and how it contributes to a better, healthier life. A life in a less polluted environment where Americans know about what they buy, eat and “educate the next generation about food.”

The film’s website is a bit vague about when the film will be screened (not completely sure its actually complete just yet) but I know I’ll be sure to see it at some point. (This link is also useful!)

You can follow the family’s journey for “permission” to keep chickens etc, on the film’s twitter site @FoodPatriots.


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